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Your Passport to Adventure

Scuba diving is an adventure in itself. It is a silent odyssey into a uniquely serene environment.

Diving has grown from a fantasy into a worldwide sport enjoyed by millions of followers. Those of us who take part in this sport are privileged to enter a mysterious yet beautiful world.

An Underwater View

Because I believe scuba diving is the coolest sport on the planet, I designed this site to pass on the knowledge and passion I have developed over the fifteen years I've been a diver. I was lucky enough to be able to work as a full time instructor in the Caribbean for over twelve years. I have certified students for PADI, NAUI, and SSI. Now I want to pass on the knowledge and tips I've learned to other scuba divers so they can have the best underwater experience possible.

Everyone fells different about being underwater. Some people take to it right away with little or no problem. Other may need more training and experience before they are completely comfortable with breathing and being underwater.

People who are thinking about trying scuba or those new to the sport may ask questions like...

  • Is scuba safe?

  • What diving equipment is needed to scuba?

  • Where can I learn to scuba?

  • What will I see?

New divers may ask questions like...

  • How much training do I have to have?

  • What scuba gear do I need to buy?

  • Where can I go to scuba dive?

Living in the Caribbean

With the right information a diver becomes a safe and responsible diver. They are confident and prepared.

At our web site we try to answer the questions that new divers or people thinking about trying diving might have. We want to provide the scuba information you need to have the best underwater experience possible. We want to help you explore this planets final frontier. Sometimes it's that little pearl of information you get from the instructor or another diver that can make the difference between a good experience and a gr-r-r-r-r-r-reat experience.

It takes time to become a good diver. I've been doing this for fifteen years and I'm still learning. The key to a good, safe diving experience is to stay within your limitations and gain as much knowledge as you can by taking your certification to the next level. And most of all, dive as mush as you can. It doesn't matter if it's a check out dive in a pool or diving in the warm tropical waters of the Caribbean. Just get in the water, blow some bubbles and have a great time. You may find you have a new passion in your life.

Our site is constantly growing. We are always adding new tips and information so check back often to see what's new. Or you can subscribe to our blog so you will know when we post new information.

Below is a slide show by Dirk Keats on a subject that should be important to all divers. We hope you enjoy Dirks presentation.

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